Dealing with olive cultivation and olive oil production for us is not just a business activity: above all, it is an ancestral legacy. The Tzortzakaki family deals professionally with the cultivation of the privately-owned olive groves located in Faneromeni Phaistos and the production of olive oil from 1976. The family tradition continues from the next generation, with respect, vision and the look to the future.


The Cretan olive oil industry follows a philosophy of total quality in all stages of production, from the cultivation of olives and the harvesting of fruits, until their pressing, the packaging and the disposal of olive oil on the market.

Our every effort is designed for Orama Olive Oil to reach the final consumer's plate as a pure gastronomic product of superior quality and high nutritional value.


The facilities of the Cretan olive oil production are located in the area of Faneromeni in the municipality of Phaistos, in the heart of Crete. In our modern factory high technology and modern production methods are harmonized with tradition, while scientific supervision by experienced agronomists ensures the final quality of our products.

For the production of olive oil we only follow the method of cold pressing, by mechanical means. No heat or chemical substances that alter the purity of the product are used at any stage of production. The result is an extra virgin olive oil of high nutritional value, with low acidity, wonderful taste, rich aroma and amber color.